Monday, May 19, 2014

Tips for getting Baby to sleep

Tips for Getting Baby to sleep 

Cries are communication for Baby!
Don't  take you'r babies cries personally. Your baby loves you! The cries mean I LOVE YOU BUT CANT FIND THE WORDS TO SAY WHAT I NEED.
Mom in Me Bedtime tips:
1.Play , play , play before bedtime play with your baby Tickle, play with toys , play tag ,peak a boo. Get rid of all that  baby energy!
2.At night, set up a soothing routine. Give your baby a bath, sing a song , read a book, or tell a story( tell baby about your day ) Leave out the part about your boss. These activities can help your baby relax. They also signal that it is time to sleep.
3.When your baby is getting sleepy, put your baby in his or her crib in a quiet, darkened room.

-Tips for getting baby to go back to sleep:
1.Try to feed your hungry baby  when he or she starts to wake up and is still calm. Hungry cries often start with low  and become higher and higher pitched.
2.Keep the light off during nighttime feedings, and use a low voice.
3.Keep Calm !  Babies are  very sensitive to a parent's feelings of frustration. Take a deep breath and enjoy! Remember Baby loves you! Cries are communication.

Tips for Mommy Sleep
1. Sleep when baby sleeps
2. Schedule sleep : Working Mom's take a day off from work (send baby to the sitters ) and just sleep. or  Sleep during a lunch break.
3. Sleep in on the weekends

Remember mom's need to rejuvenate too!
Take some ME time !

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Are you Happy Mom? Happy Mother'sDay !

Steps and Tips to Happiness in Motherhood

1 .Admit it!  You’re stressed- STOP! Expecting motherhood to be perfect. "It really helps to if you realize that it's okay to feel frustrated, angry, tired, or irritable sometimes," You're not a bad parent. It's not even a bad parenting experience. It's just normal." You are human! Although your children may treat you like a superhuman or drone. You have feelings and emotions don’t forget about the ME  that  Mom is within.  
2. Re) consider your priorities- Make yourself a priority detox bath or shower , a  moment to read  comics, quiet time alone to  eat cookies or a apple, Read a book / magazine of interest to you   etc .. A way to bring a more positive mood is to structure your day so you do more things you enjoy. "Do more of what makes you happy mom.( Don’t forget about the HUMAN the WOMEN that makes the MOM!)
3. Relish the moment-One way to nourish positive emotions is to take a moment to appreciate, write down your goals and wishes. Make a Grateful list. Instead of thinking about what you don’t have focus on what you DO! Shelter, kids that need and adore you, health, 2 eyes, 2 legs, A wig or weave (if you have one). I’m Grateful for all these things. You should be too!
4 Send a Thank you note-A note of thanks goes a long way. Thank your mother (now you know what she companied about) Right! Thank your children YES YOURE CHILDREN! Model the way you want them to behave. You always remind them to stay please and Thank you so should you!
5. Be Silly –When life throws you lemon make strawberry lemonade. Throw in that something extra to make  life fun!
Be silly with your kids create a place of fun and open communication. Tickle ,Share silly stories from your childhood, make funny faces, Watch funny cartoons, Send a funny text message or display  how proud you are of your child via twitter, Facebook, Instagram any social media platform. Take lots of Pictures and  TAG EM IN! # lovemykids

\Happy Mothers Day! We work 365 days a year for the rest of our lifetime! So Take more than 1 day off a Year geez ! 
Picture taken from NickMom - 

Friday, April 25, 2014

The mom in me is whipping up something good With CPK's next chapter

 I received complimentary product /service s for review purposes. All opinions are 100% my own.
This week I received an invite from my good friends at Sacramento Bloggers to attend the California Pizza kitchen Next Chapter Event @ Newly renovated - Arden Mall Location in Sunny CA 
Take a look at all of the food options I got to taste : 
Bianco- Flat-bread with Whipped truffle cream , Gorgonzola , Mozzarella and fresh sage 
Sunny side up Bacon + Potato Pizza shaved fingerling potatoes , Nueske apple wood smoked bacon, caramelized leeks , Parmesan, mozzarella and fresh cracked black pepper. Topped with two sunny side up eggs. 
Roasted chicken + seasonal vegetables chicken breast in lemon -garlic sauce with hearth roasted fingerling potatoes, Carrots , cauliflower and Mediterranean herbs.
Fire Grilled Rib eye 
Hearth -Roasted Halibut 
S mores  
Salted Caramel Pudding 

photo provided by : felix facebook #cpkthenextchapter
Fresh strawberry Mango Cooler for mom's who want to look cool while they drink 
( non -alcoholic beverage) As an nursing mother - This drink had plenty of fruits- I LOVED IT!

How many times have you been to a restaurant and want the fruity drink and they all have alcohol? 
Well let me tell you MOM- 
You now have a fruity drink even your non - nursing MFF  ( mom friend forever ) 
will order. 

 This thingabob is what  CPK uses to put whipped cream on pizza.


Not only did CPK  California Pizza Kitchen allow me to eat their food, they let me in the kitchen for a full experience. When I tell you that I had a good time  with CPK. I had a wonderful -good time! 

 Cooking beside a chief in a restaurant kitchen a processed dinner making mom's dream. Hey CPK send me one of those whipped cream thingies will ya ! The power of that thingie almost blew me away. Can you imagine having the whipped cream thingie at your disposal to whip cream burger, tuna , tortilla chips , spaghetti . OKAY ,OKAY maybe that's a little extreme.But, who ever thought up the idea to put whipped cream on a pizza. 

In the End you have to visit Ca Pizza Kitchen in your area to taste for yourself.  
Try the new Menu  and experience the  next chapter! Go ahead then come back to my page and let me share your thought's and pictures. I would love to see 'em. Take the kids or sneak out and  have one of those strawberry mango cooler  before you go Target or Safeway shopping. Go Ahead ! 
It will be our little secret! 

Note:  No pizza's made by Jessica  actually made it to the oven- If they had the pizza would have BURNED to a crisp. I BURN EVERYTHING I try to make  FROM SCRATCH! 
OH ! and one more cool thing about Cpk they let your kids get in on the pizza  making too! 
Playing with the dough ! 
( The Kids menu is awesome too - My kids give the chicken tenders two thumbs up !)  
Check out the link below for more blog post and information about the event : 

Friday, April 18, 2014

"Come on MOM - Get in the Picture !"

"Come on MOM - Get in the Picture !"

Get MOM in the PICTURE with Sprout's mom is here sweepstakes!

Hey Mom's!

 Sprout's Channel wants to challenge us  - Not only take pictures of our kids but with them
I loved this idea so much that I had to write a blog post about it.

-upon seeing this  Ad  - I begin to look though my phone at my random photos:

Kids at the park
Kids playing baseball
Kids at Safeway in the cereal aisle.
Kids in the Target parking lot
Kids in the kitchen
Kids at school

Kids , kids , kids....... My wonderful, adoring children.

Where is Mom ????? (behind the camera)

I noticed -I've been so busy taking the pictures that I'm absent from all of the pictures - 20 Years down the line. My children will wonder where’s mom?
Our children want to see us!  Creating memories and documenting life as it happens. We must remember to incorporate mom in the picture too -
After all YOU are the reason those kids in the picture are smiling. Due to your daily dish washing , laundry  hauling , doctor calling , toilet cleaning , diaper changing , oven baking , microwave using
( had to add this one for me )  birthday party organizing  - not to mention child birth.

MFF you deserve to be in a picture or two standing proud. Showing off your greatest accomplishment in the world your child / children.
M+F+F = Mom Friend Forever ( in case you didn't know  )

All weekend i will be taking pictures with my kids and sharing via Instagram  #momishere.

Because Jessica the Happy mom of 6 ! Is here and deserves to be in the picture. So do you!

Enter the mom is here sweepstakes to win
-2,000 Spa Package
-100 Spa gift card
-Featured on sprout and on the electronic Times Square Billboard.

Visit or
From the sprout website :
Sprout wants you, moms, to get back in the picture with your child and capture these memories with our #MomIsHere Sweepstakes. Share your photo with us by clicking the button above or upload a photo on Instagram and tag with #MomIsHere. One Grand Prize Winner will receive a $2,000 Spa Prize Package, and ten lucky winners will receive $100 Spa Gift Card. Every entrant has a chance to be featured on Sprout and on our electronic Times Square Billboard.

So ..........
Yesterday at the Crocker Art Museum Sacramento Teen Take over - Giggle & laugh photo booth

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Watch out for the Mean Moms!

                       Watch out for the Mean Moms!

There are movies about it. Remember the movie Mean Girls with Lindsay Lohan. We.We all experienced it in high school. You were either apart of the in crowd or the out crowd. The Mean girls would walk the halls and prey on any and every body they wanted and some how they were still cool. If you were one of the victims of the mean girls attack, You couldn't wait to grow up and get out of high school away from the drama. Surely once you become an adult , girls wouldn't act this way towards one another.
Well think again -A couple of month’s ago I decided to start a mom’s support group. I wanted to get out the house meet other moms and just talk about something other than sponge bob , icarly , bigtime rush, Timmy the lamb , Jessie, Ant Farm, Austin & Ally , Shake it up – You get the picture. All of these shows I know the theme song to, and sometimes sing while shopping. I wanted to talk about mother hood and be real! What I like about motherhood, what I love , what irritates me sometimes. Most of the mom’s I meet have been so nice and inviting. I’ve met some wonderful women !
On the other hand I’ve attended some mom group meetings were the moms have not been so inviting.
Mean Moms won’t say anything to your face ( of course that wouldn't be polite ) but you can read the look on their faces -
On Wednesdays we wear pink! Mom translation: You’re not wearing heels?
She doesn't
even go here! Mom translation: No new moms!
You can’t sit with us! Mom translation: You can’t sit with us!
Little cliques form with the moms group itself. One group meets but then all the moms break off into separate mini groups.
The I paid a lot for this purse group
The HOT moms
The Eco friendly group
The Calling Babies ugly group
The we only wear heels group
The my nail’s are done weekly Group
The Asian moms Group
The Latin moms Group
The African American moms group
The I’m glad both my shoes match group
The nursing mom group
The Starbucks mom group
The party on the weekend mom Group
And many more ……….
My point here is we are all MOMS! Hint-the name “mom’s group” DUHHH!(see it’s contagious )
We should model the way we want our children to behave! No mother should ever feel bullied or like they’ve been put into a time machine and forced to be back in high school.
Yes moms can bully other moms!
All mothers should support one another regardless of how they dress, ethnic back-round, social class or hand bag selection.
Let’s be honest – People tend to treat you differently because of your hand bag. You are still the same person inside!
To all the mean moms out there – I may want to call your Mom to tell on you.
The mom in ME wants to put YOU and your FRIENDS in TIME OUT and show you silly pictures and happy videos.
Let’s All be Happy! We’re moms!